My Week in Instagram

Every time food arrives on the table during mealtimes (or any other importantlife-changing occasions), the first thing my friends whip out is not their utensils but their iPhone to snap pictures so as to document their lives on Instagram! Times like those, I wish I was Team Apple iPhone toooo. BUT IT’S OKAY. I’VE MY iPAD!

So here goes, documenting my week with snapshots edited with Instagram.


My lunch! Was kinda lazy to cook so I just threw whatever I could find in the fridge into my lunchbox. NOW ISN’T MY LUNCHBOX CUTE?? So that’s potato cubes and egg salad on the left, carrot sticks and green apple slices with crunchy peanut butter! It’s terribly unhealthy but it’s okay, I comfort myself with the idea that I’ve consumed fibre. Haha.


Unearthed my romper from F21 for the first time this year hehe. No class on Tuesday night. So spent the earlier part of the day out and feasting (of course). Had Tonkichi for lunch, did a little shopping and headed back to school in the evening for project meeting.


Apparently Curly had a more tiring day than me. But even though she was so tired, she bothered to search for her dog toy (lol) and carry it all the way to her bed and nap on it!!


My first purchase from Gap!

It’s the first time they’re bringing this into Singapore and are testing the demand in Singapore’s market! Everyone please go buy! Okay there’s no need for everyone actually, they only brought in 12 pieces.


#FridayFeasting with Lynn, Jy & Boyfriend @ Liang Court’s Mei Di Ya

I love the food there, very value for money. As usual, we stuffed ourselves. Headed to Cathay @ Ang Mo Kio Hub to catch The Hunger Games.


Curly was delivered to us by a stork!! Woke up at an unearthly hour in the morning for a graded competition in school, that we got disqualified eventually for. So evidently after such a traumatic experience and out of sheer fatigue I was up to nonsense.


This. Is. Not. An. April’s. Fool. Joke. Went back to school on a Sunday for a project meeting which was pretty fun cause my groupmate’s really nice and funny! So it wasn’t like a dread or anything. Stayed back after the meeting to complete the Edelman Digital Media Belt online for one of my mods!

So here’s my week, Instagrammed! How was your week? :)

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6 Responses to My Week in Instagram

  1. autopsyjude says:

    hahah thats a great way do document your week. instagram is a phenonmenon in itself! i love your food photos. they always look so yummy!!!! i’ve gotta try it someday ahah

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